The pop of the cork to the sipping the last remnants in your glass, wine is a pleasure to the senses. Reds, Whites to Rose’s, they each have their place on the palette . I tend to enjoy rose and white wine far more than reds but there’s a special place in my heart for a good Rioja. From pairing a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with paella to a French Rose with a cheeseboard, options are limitless and so are they for your wine accessories. Below is my guide to what to pair your wine with as well as what to use to get the most out of your wine time!

At the top of the list is the Coravin wine extractor. It is a great long-term investment if you run into this issue often. Want a glass of Malbec from that expensive bottle but nobody else does? With this unique tool, created by Greg Lamberchet who used his knowledge of vascular technology to design it, allows you to penetrate the cork without removing it, allowing you to enjoy your wine for weeks to come without fear of not finishing the bottle and ruining your wine.  $299

If you do actually want to open that bottle of wine and share it with everyone, use the Le Creuset Lever, as the site says, it is “Compact and easy to use, this lever corkscrew securely fits normal flanged bottlenecks and removes corks with a simple up-and-over motion. It features patented technology specifically designed for both synthetic and natural corks” at $100, it can open 3,000 bottles in its lifetime.


The Floating Lasso Wine Bottle holder is eye-catching and fun. A great conversation starter, it’s great for people who love to entertain! Crafted from iron metal and then covered in rope, it is an illusion for the eyes and a perfect gift for the wine connoisseur in your life. Not to mention, you can find it on the link above for $6.35.

These beautiful and unique carafes by Etienne Meneau are crafted in France and will liven up your wine bar or dining table. You have to see the price to believe it as some of her creations are limited editions.

The Camille wine glass set from Crate & Barrel are beautiful and sleek and come in 23 and 13oz sizes, depending on red or white. There are Champagne glasses in coupe and flute shapes as well for your partying pleasure.

If you have always wanted to learn more about the wine you drink, get a copy of the World Atlas of Wine, the 7th edition is out and it a complete guide to wine regions with maps and thorough information. There are 215 wine-centric maps throughout the book (which are gorgeous by the way) for you to learn everything you need to know about the wines you love. $55

No matter which accessories you use, if you decant or aerate in other ways. If you know what disgorge and dosage mean or not as long as you are enjoying your wine, it doesn’t need to be over-complicated. If you pop a bottle and enjoy with friends, you can’t go wrong with that.