Guests are arriving and they could be bringing any array of bottles for the night or perhaps you have some to serve but are unsure of how cold or chilled it should be? My go-to for answers, Wine Folly, suggests the following:

Does the wine taste too ‘hot’ aka alcoholic? Try cooling it down. It doesn’t have any flavor? Try warming it up! Wine serving temperature greatly affects what flavors and aromas of the wine you’ll smell. Personal preference also matters. If you like drinking everything ice cold, go for it, but check out what you might be missing at warmer temps first. Generally speaking, “wine snobs” don’t like white wines to be too cold or reds to be too hot.

It isn’t rocket science – it’s wine science! Everyone has their personal preference of course but if you follow these guidelines you’ll be off to a good start.

Have a bottle of wine that you need to get cold quick? I use the paper towel trick. Dampen paper towels, enough to cover the bottle from the neck to the label. Wrap them around the bottle and set in the freezer. This doesn’t get the wine super cold but if you’re looking to get white wine to drinkable fairly quickly, it usually does the trick in about 15-20 minutes. Just remember that it’s in there! This also works with a very wet dish towel and can easily make it enjoyable in 7 minutes if you’re in a hurry though if you have a few more minutes use them!

Have any other wine hacks? Let us know in the comments!