Kansas City held their own sister march, in unity with the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. The sun was finally out this winter and it cast a hopeful glow on everyone there that afternoon. As I walked with my friend Lauren up the hill and through the crowd, we were in awe at the amount of passionate people who showed up. Men, women and children all had signs and all came to support each other-even if the reasons why they were marching were different. Part of my reasoning was to support Planned Parenthood, whose funding is at risk of getting taken away. I marched for equality for women, because women’s rights are human rights. I marched because of our current President’s lack of care towards, well anything it seems really, except his own agenda. Does he realize that 2/3 of his wives were immigrants? Proving once again we need immigrants to do jobs most Americans wouldn’t do.

My fear and the fear of many of my fellow friends and neighbors is that the homophobia and racism that people experience will increase under the justification of our President’s rhetoric and behavior. Everyday there seems to be something new to fight for. Today, all eyes are on Betsy DeVos and not allowing her to be elected as Secretary of Education. I am proud to see so many people coming together in support of one another and that the momentum has only continued to increase. When there is a march or a rally, or a phone call to be made, you can count on me that I will make it. If anything, this election has made me more proactive and engaged in politics and even though that may be because I have to work hard to defend my basic human rights, and that’s a sad thing, at least I have the ability to do so and to do so along my sisters in the resistance.