Some nights you just want easy. Easy isn’t what this project is about, but easy is what happens when you’ve had a hell of a day and just need to whip something up quick without a lot of fuss. I guess, that is part of the end goal of the project – to be able to whip things up.

Brown butter sage sauce is one of my favorites because it’s delicious and impresses with minimal effort. On low heat you melt butter in a  pan, swirling it around so it does not burn but instead slowly transforms into a golden brown color. You chop some fresh sage and add it to the mix until the buttery- herbal aroma hits your nose and you cannot wait another minute to get it out of the pan. I balanced out this rich yet light sauce, with vegetable pasta. Bought at the grocer, this spaghetti is packed with carrots, zucchini and tomato so in my mind – it balances. After draining the noodles and pouring the sage sauce over top and mixing, I chopped up a few more sage leaves and lightly fried them until crisp to add on top. Sprinkling the pasta with some grated parmesan, I was done for the night.

This dish tasted like I ordered out all the while I made it while in my pajamas. What more do you want out of a pasta?