A lot of people dislike packing. I actually find it quite fun! Whether packing to move house or packing for a trip, there’s a sense of order and organization to it that I find therapeutic. Since I’m a planner, I enjoy the thoughtful process of selecting my best things for my trip and imagining what I’ll be doing while I wear them. It helps when your gal pal comes over to make a list and drink wine with you too! Having been traveling internationally for a decade now, I’ve picked up a few accessories and travel tricks I’d like to share with you!


I am the worst when it comes to remembering to drink water. I struggle during the day because my main liquids are coffee and wine…I forget to have a glass of water now and then. I’m slightly better when traveling between destinations but I hate buying water bottle after plastic water bottle. The S’well Water Bottle doesn’t take much space, is sexy and sleek and keeps water cool for 24 hours! You can refill and refill again and it looks so good that I want to take it out to take a sip!

Stay Connected
The one question I always get asked is whether I have an adapter they can borrow for their upcoming European trip. It seems this gadget gets a last minute nod when it’s the one thing you really need! The Travelon Worldwide USB Adapter is the perfect guy for the job. It works in 150 countries and is 110v and 220v compatible. Stay charged for all your Instagram-able moments!

Everything Bags
These little guys are the perfect little bag that carry-everything. From keys to cards to phones and perfume. They are designed by artists around the world and right now, there’s a sale!

A Clear Carry On Bag
Not only are your items easy to spot and grab, TSA will thank you too! Maybe not literally but it will get you through the line and you don’t have to worry about gnarly Ziploc bags! This clear case is TSA approved and perfect for all your liquids, 3 oz or less!

Download some to your phone and rest your eyes from those books! Nothing makes the time go by faster than listening to stories. My favorite podcasts range from Serial-which seems to be everyone’s favorite to Welcome to Nightvale, a unique and whimsical podcast told in the style of an old radio news broadcast for the town. For something a little edgier, try RISK! but don’t say I didn’t warn you! Lastly, you can never really go wrong with This American Life. 

Be Productive
Not everyone will agree with me here, but after five hours of movies books or podcasts, I want to feel productive. Even if it’s via a half hour of language learning. I bring along my pocket French guide or I connect to Wi-Fi and do a few rounds of Duolingo. I’m pretty much stuck in my seat so I don’t mind putting a little time into improving myself on my way to a few days of fun!

Get the 411 on your Flight
Sign up for flight alerts or download the app for your airline-it saves an incredible amount of time! A month out from the flight, I like to see which feature films they are playing-so I can avoid watching them! This trip, Brooklyn, Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot and Zoolander 2 that will be on my list should sleep elude me! We also ask for an upgrade or at the very least, see if there are better options for seats when we arrive. Usually, we are able to move up a few rows or get two seats together instead of the dreaded four row across-stuck next to a stranger-seats!

Whatever you do, be comfortable! You’ll never see me in sweats, even at the airport. I do however have my version of comfortable clothes that still give me hope that if I have the chance, I could get bumped to first class! ha! Stretchy black faux-leather leggings, a loose chambray tee, my skip-on ballerina flats and plenty of moisturizer! A little bottle of lotion, Chanel gel serum for the under-eyes, Listerine breath strips for the post-dinner goodnight kiss and some gun. I’ll top off my bag with a pair of warm socks that I can slip on to get comfortable.

As you read this, I’ll be in the air on my way to Barcelona! I’ll be instagramming the trip and sharing my favorite spots with you! Follow along and if you’ve been, feel free to share your recommendations!