Oh, girl, you fancy! That’s what went through my mind as I laid out the ingredients for this dish. It’s not even really that fancy but it tastes like it! Pasta is decadent to me and this one is no exception. Toasted walnuts add some crunch to this dish and in my opinion, take it up another level.

My original plan was to make the pasta from scratch but since this particular recipe didn’t call for homemade pasta-I skipped that step. Which I was grateful for because sometimes making a big meal, as much as I enjoy it, is a little daunting.

A food processor is necessary for this recipe but honestly, if you have a blender that will do the trick. From start to finish this dish took about thirty minutes so it’s an easy weeknight meal to add to your repertoire.

A jar of roasted red peppers is the way to go if you don’t have red peppers on hand to roast – I had both so I mixed them together after first roasting the peppers in the oven to get the taste and texture I was looking for. Meanwhile, I chopped the onions and threw them in the pan to brown with some olive oil. Tears aside, the house smelled great. Once the onions were browned, I chopped up the walnuts and threw those in the pan as well to get crispy. The peppers went into the food processor and with a couple quick pulses were the consistency I needed – not too watery, not too thick. A good tomato-sauce consistency. Adding in some salt, pepper and parsley, the sauce was done. The water was boiling so I added the linguine. All in and all done this recipe tasted like a million bucks.

We were so excited to sit down and eat that we scarfed it down only realizing after it was gone no photos were taken. Sorry readers! * Face palm* another undocumented dinner for the books.