Still sick here. Still congested. Maybe my body knew I would be ill last week when I came up with this week’s menu but I’m grateful that I had all the ingredients to make this delicious dish. I love curries anytime of year but especially in the colder months and even more when I’m under the weather. There’s nothing better to clear my sinuses than a mildly spicy (I’m kind of a wimp) curry to warm me to my toes. I have made Thai curries but never a deep aromatic Indian one. While they can be intimidating, this one was easy to put together and one that I know I can make in a pinch without looking up the ingredients – I knew this project was working.

The ingredients are simple enough, nothing too exotic that you won’t be able to find it in your local store.

Garam Masala
Curry Powder
1 can diced Tomatoes
2 Onions, finely diced
12 oz. Red Potatoes (unpeeled)
Tomato Paste
Parsley, for garnish
Salt & Pepper

A dutch oven or large pot is key to cooking this meal. First, toast the spices in a small pan for about 1 minute, sans oil. This enhances the flavor and they smell amazing. Remove from heat and set aside in a bowl. Then, without sobbing, chop your onions up. I had to dry my eyes NO LESS than ten times during this process. Someone send me some Onion Goggles-stat! Put them in the pot and say good riddance. Let them brown and caramelize and make the tears worth it. I added my potatoes and let them cook.I just LOVE red (and purple) potatoes. Not only do they look pretty, they just are so easy to make and taste good with just about anything. I could eat them every. single. day. Sometimes I feel like I do. I am part Irish so I embrace it.

The house started to smell amazing, even half my plugged up nose could tell I was onto something. I made an opening in the center of the onions and potatoes and added olive oil, grated ginger, half of a serrano chili pepper (cause again, I’m a wimp), the toasted spices, minced garlic and some salt and pepper. Whoa, that kicked it up a notch. I let that simmer while I cursed the virus incubating inside me. WHYYYYYY! Will I ever be healthy again???? What is this madness??? Alright, meltdown over, time to stir. I then added the cauliflower and stirred until coated, then went in the diced tomatoes and juices. It was beginning to look (and taste) like a curry! I even added a dash of ground cayenne because it did need a bit more heat. I spooned in a bit of coconut milk (which is not part of the recipe) but I apparently added too much spice. That balanced it out and it tasted like it had before I added anything so-Reason # 320 to follow the recipe.

I began to boil the jasmine rice and there you have it, a quick curry dish that tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen when really it was maybe only 45 minutes! This recipe made 4-6 servings so I’m having it for lunch  which is perfect because it is a very rainy and dreary day once again and that will be just the thing to get me through the work day.