Life is too busy, too messy, too complicated to not have your home be your sancturary. In Europe, I lived very simply. Our piso was 600 sq. feet but we had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a balcony and a kitchen. It was tiny but modern and efficient.  I learned how to declutter and I’m all the better for it. We had very few knick knacks or things we didn’t need. We had to live in a very minimalistic way and I will tell you, it was beyond easy to keep clean! Most importantly, we were happy! We had photos of friends and loved ones and books, some art on the wall, but nothing that wasn’t enhancing our life. That is the mantra I still use today. Is this ‘X’ enhancing our home or our life, or do I just kinda like it? If it doesn’t have a purpose, it doesn’t belong in our home. Less things cluttering up our space means less things we have to tolerate or less things that we need to dust. I don’t mean to say not to give your home personality or that you should live in a white box-just to be sure that everything you bring into your space is something you truly love.

Today’s post though, is mainly about things we tolerate at home. Like that rug in your entryway that you constantly trip over because the edges curl up. Or the way you are just one hook too short for your towel needs in the bathroom. For me currently, it’s the fact that there’s just not enough storage for my glasses and diningware.

And what is done? Usually, not much. Normally, we tolerate and we go on about our day and the cycle continues until the lists builds up and our home because a place of tolerations instead of a place where we can truly relax. Our home is our sanctuary and it should be the one place we can go and not have to put up with things.

So, what can you do?

Go through your home, room by room and toss things that aren’t enhancing your life or adding any value

Ask yourself, do you really need it or want it? If you were moving across country, would you take it with you? If you wouldn’t miss it-get rid of it! When we were preparing to move back, we shed a lot of weight in things. Books, clothes, shoes, bits and bobs and things we really didn’t need. That saved us space in our luggage for the ‘must-haves’ and left us ahead of the game when moving into our new place. We moved into our home in KC knowing we had only what we truly needed.

While you are in each room make a list of things that you tolerate and write what needs to be done to fix it.

For example, I never had space to keep my handbags, so when I did this exericse I bought two hooks at Home Depot and voila-my bags are off the floor and easily accessible. My husband was annoyed that the hair dryer was always falling out of the cabinet, so he bought a holder to solve that problem.

Now actually fix those things! Step two is normally where most people stop and give up. Don’t let that be you! Help yourself by making your home as wonderful and relaxing as possible!

You may not even realize how many tiny things there are that bug you. I know I didn’t until I started doing this exericse. Be sure not to overwhelm yourself and start with the things that are priorities. It will take time to renew your home but you are now taking steps in the right direction!

I try and make a note of things when I notice them though I purposefully do it about once a season. My home is far from perfect but by getting rid of those little tolerations, it becomes the soothing environment it should be.

Another way to make decluttering even easier, is to spend five minutes putting things back in their place. I found this article on 18 different 5 minute strategies, pick anyone and try five minutes each day and see where you are in two weeks. I bet you will notice a major difference.

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