Where would we be without music? We choose just the right song for special occasions, we pass time with our favorite artist while we drive in the car and we choose different genres depending on our mood. Music sounds out the rough edges of life and encompasses us completely.  I love many different genres but when I’m really feeling that wanderlust kick in, I turn to some of my foreign favorites. If I’m doing chores around the house, it will probably be Spanish music, If I’m cooking an Italian meal I turn up Dean Martin. My favorite though has to be the sweet melody of French music. Just like in English, I don’t love all of it and if you’re not sure who or what to listen to, it can be overwhelming. You may end up choosing the wrong songs that will turn you off it all together!

On the weekends, when I used to drive across the border to France and stop in the town of Collioure (pictured above) I would read and listen to Carla Bruni, Serge Gainsbourg and Madeline Peyroux and it was perfect.

I’ve crafted this mini-playlist via Spotify to gently introduce you to French music with a list of songs to get you in the French spirit! Not only that, it’s packed with fierce French females like these two popular femme fatales; ex-first lady Carla Bruni who was married to the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy as well as the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis. Also, International model Bridgette Bardot and Madeline Peyroux, who is considered the Billie Holiday of the 1990s. Last but certaintly not least, the Quebecoise singer and songwriter, Coeur de Pirate. Her vocals are fresh and upbeat and what I love most is that you can really hear the French. When you listen, you’ll know what I mean! She has that, well, je ne sais quoi! With a line up like that I don’t know how you won’t love this music! So, sil vous plait, dance aroud your house, have a macaron or draw a bath while enjoying this playlist and transport yourself to the South of France for a little while!