French and Spanish?  Oui, porfavor! With the backdrop of Paris and the charm of the Spanish this film blends the best of both worlds. The film starts out by pulling you in with tales of the Spanish maids interviewing for a job. It’s a different world than one we think of-having a full time maid as well as having her live upstairs with six others! I will admit, having someone to do the chores and tidying up once in awhile doesn’t look like such a bad thing. In fact, I will confess that when I lived in Spain, I had a ‘maid’ of sorts who came once every two weeks to do light cleaning and I will say that having help, helps! Although these days I could use a personal assistant rather than a maid!

The story is well told, through the eyes of the women and the eyes of Mr.Joubert, one of the wealthy residents. The young Maria joins his household and she lights a spark that inspires him to get to know these women who have lived life beside him all these years. Next to his anxious yet stoic wife, anyone would seem like a dream, yet we discover how special Maria truly is. Their lives intertwine and although there are barriers, the lines begin to blur. Mr. Joubert changes most of all and it’s an interesting and fun development to see take place.

The night I watched Les Femmes du 6ème étage, I felt like curling up with a glass of wine and some chocolate and so I did, and so should you. No recipe this week, except for one for a relaxing night! Have your maid or your partner make you dinner for a change and enjoy the simple pleasures of life!

I suggest Cocoa Batons, delicious chocolate treasures from Trader Joe’s and I could definitly eat the entire tin! Settle in with a glass of white wine (of French or Spanish origin) and enjoy!


 I hope you enjoy this film as much as I have. It has me yearning to immerse myself in another culture but by watching this film, It feels like I have. It was a great reminder that sometimes in order to truly live, you need to see your life through the eyes of others and even more so be willing to get out of your comfort zone.  Most of all, the Spanish really do have the most fun! If you watch it, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what you thought!