Ah, what is more French than Amelie? Audrey Tautou is by far one of my most favorite actresses and this film shows her talent in spades. Gorgeous yet unintimidating, Amelie has quite the personality. When I was younger people told me I reminded them of her. Not physically, but in her ‘likes’. Since I can remember, I too have always looked back at the faces of people in the movie theater. I also have always loved to find little details nobody else notices. Not just in films, but in life. When I was in Paris, I tried to find some part of the Eiffel Tower that I figured nobody else would care about. A screw that stood out a bit further than the others or at the Louvre, the corner of the frame of the Mona Lisa. It might be strange, and I think Amelie would agree, it’s nice having something of your own, to feel you really saw everything not what a million other eyes saw. I at least feel it brings me closer to the place or thing I am seeing.

The film is a brilliant one, if you haven’t seen it you should. It’s a journey of an introverted girl who finds a little treasure box left by a little boy many years ago. She makes it her mission to find him and return it and through that mission, she finds a treasure of her own. It’s a story that has been told before but not quite like this and not this well. The scenery of Paris is more than enough but Audrey Tautou is a work of art herself. The fashion in the film, while simple, tells its own story. The cafe where she works, makes me nostalgic for the little hidden gems of places in Europe, tucked away behind corners and down dark alleyways. Little diamonds in the rough.“Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” is quirky yet relatable and if it’s your first foreign film, I would say this is a great one to start with.

I debated on which dish to prepare for this film, crème brûlée came to mind but to be honest, I’m more a fan of cracking the shell than the taste underneath. My mind instead went to the little vegetable stand that somehow becomes a character in the film as well. I imagined Amelie buying these beautifully bright baby peppers and bringing them home for a petite ‘snack’ in between her meetings with ‘The Glass Man’ and ‘treasure hunting’.


Baby Bell Peppers
Feta Cheese Spread

Slice the peppers in half and take out the seeds. Place them in a warm pan with olive oil on medium heat. Cook them until they get a bit black around the edges and soft, just like with my Pimientos de Padron! Add salt and pepper and cook until done.

Remove from the pan and let cool for a few minutes, they will be too hot to the touch at first. Then, take your feta cheese spread and fill in the peppers. I got mine from Trader Joe’s and it is delicious! If you make your own, you can take a block of Feta, or Feta crumbles, and mix it together with rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper until blended. Serve warm.

They are creamy, crunchy and super easy to make! A perfect snack for inbetween shifts at the cafe and trips to the photobooth; just ask Amelie!