Living a Wanderful Life includes a lot of things, from sitting on a sunny terrace with friends to curling up with a foreign film and a glass of wine. Some things are easy and some things take discipline to get these ‘wanderful habits’ to stick in a way that they become such a way of life you don’t remember what you even did before!

But what if you want to start right now? Here are five little things you can do in the next ten minutes to transport yourself from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.

(1) Un. Blast the Music Italian? Spanish? French? Search Spotify or Pandora to get started. I like to call it, ‘giving my ear something new to listen to’. It’s refreshing and beautiful and can make your home feel like un hotel across the sea.

(2) Deu. Read a Book that takes place in another country. I recommend, “Paris I love you but you’re bringing me down’ by Rosecrans Baldwin, French Lessons by Peter Mayle or The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muruel Bradbury to start. Once I get started, it takes a lot to pull me from that world. These books, all which take place in France, do just that.

(3) Trois. Pick up a croissant, macaron, tapa or even a curry. Trying a new food from a new place is a great way to if anything, transport your tummy to a new and exotic locale! When I’m in a rut I break out a cookbook or a new recipe to freshen my palatte. Put on that playlist we talked about and get the fiesta started!

(4) Quatre. If the weather is nice, go to the park or sit on a terrace outside. In Spain, my second home was the terraces or patios of coffee shops and bars. Drinking a latte in the wee morning hours or sipping a mojito in the late afternoon amongst friends or in the company of a good book (see #2) is a fantastic way to spend time and more importantly, spend it outdoors!

(5) Cinq. Meals are meant to be shared. If you truly want to live this wanderful lifestyle, avoid fast food at all costs. Where we lived in Spain, fast-food chains were banned from the city center. You had to drive outside the city to see a McDonalds. Not only better for the beautiful landscape but for your health as well. I understand it may not be as easy to do here but if you make a conscious effort to not use drive-thrus and to make time to spend your meals at a table, to savour your food-that is gratification that cannot be found another way.