Cheers! I hope you have a glass of wine in hand and are ready to come on this journey with me to learn more about the wine we love so much and even about the wine we may not care for; Oakey Chardonnay, anyone?  We’ll be talking about the most common types of wine and expanding into the varietals. We’ll discuss regions and vineyards and bottles at different price points, wine pairings and good bottles to gift. Before you know it, you’ll be the one your friends go to for wine recommendations. My sources are varied but include the best of the best – Wine Folly being at the top of that list.

Pour yourself a glass if you haven’t already and let’s start ha-vine a good wine time!

Red Wine Still wine made with black grapes. These can range from light to dark and bone-dry to sweet.

White Wine A still wine produced from green and sometimes black grapes. Flavors span from rich and creamy to light and zesty.

Rosé Wine Still wine from black grapes produced by removing the skins before they deeply color the wine. Also formed by blending red and white wine together. Both dry and sweet styles of rosé are common.

Sparkling Wine A style of winemaking involving a secondary fermentation causing bubbles! Sparkling wine can be red, white, or rosé and can range from minerally to rich and sweet.

Fortified Wine A style of winemaking involving fortifying wine with spirits. Typically a dessert wine, but many dry-style fortified wines exist, such as dry Sherry.


Levels of Sweetness
Within the five main styles of wine are different levels of sweetness. This is a winemaking style, as most wines can be produced from Dry to Sweet.

Dry: a dry wine is produced when all of the grape sugars are fermented into alcohol (yay!)

Semi-Sweet: (aka Off Dry) are semi-sweet wines that leaves a touch of sugar usually to complement acidity and or aromatics of the wine. Riesling is typically Off-Dry.

Sweets: leave a lot of the sugars in the wine unfermented. Sweet wines are typically lower alcohol if they are not fortified. Think, Moscato d’Asti 5.5% ABV.

Take a look at the wine chart above and see which ones you recognize. Have you had any of those before? What’s in your fridge – check it out and match it with the chart. Where does it fall? Love it or hate it?

Today’s homework: Pour a glass of wine, enjoy, and tell me about it!

Ciao for now!