I love going to dinner and a movie but there are so many more fun things to do on a weekend than that! Here are a few ways to get out of the movie theatre and into some fun! So here are 12 wanderful ways to have a wonderful date night.

Swap Homes
Want to get away for a weekend? Swap your home with someone else in another city! It’s free and you have the comfort of home at your disposal! Try Home Exchange! If it worked for Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, it can work for you!

Camping to me isn’t so fun, but glamping is. My version is pitching a tent in the backyard, complete with a down comforter and fluffy pillows, trail mix and still close enough to get wifi if you want to listen to Spotify to accompany star gazing. I’ve even camped out in the living room-it’s kind of incredible how fun it can be!

Theme Nights
Often if I make an Indian curry, it is accompanied by a Bollywood film. French night involves escargot and a visit to a bar to drink champagne, or watch a Spanish flick and go Salsa dancing after!

Progressive Dinners
We usually do this with our neighbors during our fabulous neighbor nights with our neighbors in our building! Drinks at one place, then we move onto appetizers at another apartment, followed by the main course, dessert and ending the night at the final loft for cocktails! You can do this at restaurants as well, go down a city block or only go to places with the letter ‘J’ and progress your way down the alphabet!

New Roles
Invent characters and be them for the evening. Plan to meet up, separately, at a bar and introduce yourselves as your characters. The crazier the better! See who can keep up the charade the longest!

Visit an Animal Shelter
There was a shelter where I used to live that needed all the volunteers it could have to walk the dogs. So, we would head up there on a Saturday afternoon and take dogs for walks. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors,  it’s great for the animals and you may even find a forever friend to adopt!

Improv Classes
I love comedy shows and what’s even better is learning the craft itself! If you’re shy, it may be more difficult to get started but it’s a great way to get out of your shell and what’s better than making people laugh? Find a comedy club near you and see if they offer classes.

Painting & Wine Night
Many places offer like Pinot’s Palate or Wine and Canvas where you will learn to pain (and come home with a masterpiece) and drink some new delicious wines! If you want a more intimate experience, get a canvas and some paint and paint each other! Pour the wine and have a great time!

Haunted Houses
Now that fall is here (yikes!) Haunted Houses are popping up all over the place! Even if you are afraid, it can be fun to get scared and snuggle up to your amore, you don’t need an excuse to get closer but it’s fun to have one!

New Recipes
Find a recipe that’s foreign to you, like this spanish omelette for you to cook together! Or split it up between entrée and dessert, it can a blast to cook together if you don’t take yourself too seriously! Here are a couple good ones to start with like these Zucchini Fritters or Roasted Red Pepper Pasta !

Shop for One Another

Sometimes it’s fun to go mess around and choose outfits for each other. We wandered into H&M and I chose things I know he wouldn’t normally pick and  my husband actually did a great job and I bought the outfit! It’s nice to get out of your comfort zone and have fun with each other!