It’s usual to want a fresh start in 2016 because of how perfect the idea is. New year, new you and all that jazz. I get it, I also set lofty goals for myself (some I reach, like starting this blog for example) at the start of the year and strive to be my best self. There is comfort in the fact that millions of others are doing the same thing. Although, is it healthy for long-term success? After many years of trial and error, I decided that my new years resolutions would begin this month, so I could get a jump start on my goals and not be faced with the dreaded downfall late January tends to bring. By beginning now, I feel I will be ahead of the game, accustomed to my new routine by the time January arrives. Is this the trick we’ve been missing all along?

As well as goals, I am also adding to my list, things to let go of. Things that have been holding me back and keeping me from being my best self.


I have talked about getting rid of things you tolerate in the past, and I hope you took those words to heart. Here’s another opportunity to give it a go, if you haven’t. I’ll plead my case again. There are too many things in life to which we tolerate that we cannot do much about. Slow drivers, long traffic lights, queues at the coffee shop and the price of gas. Why then, WHY, are we letting things we can control pile up into a big stack of things we tolerate? Do not linger in a relationship that doesn’t bring you joy, don’t put up with a friend who is never thoughtful towards you when all you do is give to them. It is even as simple as switching out that old rug in the hall for a new one. Tolerate no more that edge that flips up to trip you each evening. Eliminate those tiny toleration’s that can add up to a big disappointment and put your energy into all the lovely things in life you love.

That You’ve Missed Out

I feel that people should never say never. I still dream of living in Paris one day, even for a few months. I feel it isn’t too late for that to happen in my life. Am I too old to learn a language? Nope. Could I start a business if I wanted to? Sure. I am not bound by the habits in my past or my failures. It doesn’t take a new year to make that happen, all it takes is a strong will to make it happen. It is easier when we are younger, when we have a long road filled with uncertainties ahead of us. By thirty, ‘most’ of our life may be figured out. Who we are with, our job, our general friend group, where we may put down roots-so there is less uncertainty there and that disguises itself as less possibility. But that simply isn’t so. It may be uncomfortable to change the game, but not impossible.

Haughty Opinions

I don’t have a perfect life and from an outsider there may be things that they would obviously change. Maybe the car I drive or the clothes I wear or the way I look. “Why doesn’t she do something about that?” they wonder. I am guilty of the same at times. ‘Obviously he could do with changing…” but I will admit it’s not my business. I don’t know the story behind that choice or why they have to or are choosing to live with it. Social Media makes it all the worse We see the glimpses of life, the second it took to take the photo is the only second we see. Yet we judge by that second. We get envious or jealous. Those feelings can push us to be better and to reach our goals but they can also tear us down and make us feel small. Just as we have posted a photo of us smiling when we are having a bad day, so too can everyone else. Enjoy YOUR life and be grateful for it and let everyone else fade to the background. You’ll reap the rewards of putting more focus into your own life.

 Place A Foot Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you are apprehensive to jump right out, stick your foot out. Place one foot out and see what happens. If it’s not enough, put both! Put an elbow, put a ear. You get my point, just do something. An example of this, might be joining a club. There may be no membership fee or risk to sign up, but the act of doing so makes it possible. Because you have it there, you may be more apt to actually go to a meeting. I signed up to join the Alliance Francaise because of my yearning to get a grasp on the French language. I haven’t signed up for classes yet, but I have my membership and access to all their events over the year. So, when I can and am ready, I already have one foot in the door.

 Do yourself a favor and instead of vowing to get to the gym come January 1st, get to the gym now. Think about the things you tolerate and do something about it. Learn that language, start that hobby, put in the effort for a fulfilled life. And please, let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram what you plan to do in the New Year! Have you discovered your tolerations? What will you do to change them?