Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

Today’s Breakfast With, is with yours truly. I am writing this in my favorite little coffee shop in my neighborhood in KC. It’s warm and welcoming and serves the closest thing to European coffee that I can find here stateside.  To be completley truthful, coffee is usually my breakfast during the week. Not so healthy, I know.  On the weekends, I ravish waffles and pancakes or my favorite dish, Eggs Benedict. But alas, Monday through Friday I love my sweet coffee to start the day. However, if I have little time to spare, I’ll whip up my croissant breakfast and head out the door!

croissant sandwich

My morning routine varies but I normally wake up around 6 a.m. and grab my notebook from my bedside and do a ‘mind dump’. This means taking a notebook and writing down one to three pages of everything in my head I am nervous,stressed  or just thinking about. I write without regard to complete sentences or grammar points. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes and I instantly feel better. Leaving all my ‘worries’ on a page, gives me relief in knowing that I don’t need to hang onto those thoughts; that if I really need to stew over them they are there on that page. Sometimes it is about knowing that I don’t have to remember my worries and it truly works.

I then start my French Press and go on getting ready. By this time, my husband and dog Walter are waking up. Joan takes Walter outside and I prepare my bag for the day. If I have a post going up, I promote it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Then, if  I don’t need to be at work too early I sit with Joan on the sofa with Walter and we give him a cuddle and watch the news. By 7:30 I’m out the door on the way to work with coffee in hand.

Something I always try and make time for is my journaling and a little bit of fun in the a.m. On Mondays and Fridays (it just tends to happen those days) I turn on music and get ready with songs to either pump me up for my day at work or celebrate because it’s almost the weekend. A good song always puts me in a good mood. Once in awhile Joan and I will have a mini dance session in the kitchen, if the mood strikes we jam out and even Walter will join in jumping up so we grab his paws and move him around the floor.

When I first moved to Spain, I was unsure of everything. The food, the language, the people and my path. One thing that I was completely sure of was my profound and undying love for croissants!

Buttery, flaky, and all-around-delicious-croissants are my favorite pastry in this world. Not having quality croissants around every corner here in KC is a very tough reality to face. I am sure that I need to find a recipe and make my own at this point. When I was just in Spain last week, I had a croissant every morning with my coffee as I had for the six years when I lived there. Another bonus is that for a good cafe con leche and croissant it is only about two euros! So I could really get my pastry on for cheap! The act of tearing off a piece, dipping it into my coffee so it gets just a bit soggy is one of the finer things in life.

Croissant, Sea

I would leave our flat in the morning around 7:30, as most days I didn’t teach English until later in the day. Because of this, I had plenty of time to have a relaxing Spanish breakfast. I would go to the cafe around the corner, have a seat and take out the current book I was reading. After a few weeks, the lovely ladies behind the counter knew what I wanted and would just bring it to my table. I loved that. It gave a chance to practice my Spanish and thank them for the gesture. I would sit and read, look over my agenda for the day and check the news on Twitter for about an hour or so before starting my day. What a luxury, right? Since a coffee and croissant only added up to about two euros fifty, it was a luxury that wouldn’t break the bank.

By the time I left, the bakers would be opening up, delivery men would be running into shops, mothers and their babies would be out on the street heading to school. The city was waking up and I was there in the middle of it all, breathing it in.


Since moving to the states, I try and have those long luxurious breakfasts at the coffee shop around the corner or around a table for brunch with friends. My mornings start much earlier during the week so it makes it more difficult. Though I suppose I could go for a coffee and a pastry, but that would involve waking up much earlier and it wouldn’t cost just two dollars!

Overall, Spain has taught me quite a few things but there is one lesson that has become a part of my being. That is to make time for myself and enjoy life’s pleasures without guilt. We have one life, one chance to make it beautiful so don’t let one day run into another without taking time to enjoy it. Soak it in, eat that croissant and enjoy a wanderful lifestyle.