About Me

Hola!  My name is Cynthia, and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! Welcome to my little European corner of the Blogosphere!

I’m the blogger behind Wandeful Lifestyle, and I’m all about the beauty of Europe, whether that be through cooking, entertaining or the art of the siesta- I hope to share what I’ve learned with you!

You will find that everything on this blog is cultivated by me. Most recipes are my own but some are borrowed recreations of ones I love.

I will also share on the Life page, tips and city guides if you are planning on travelling to Europe  if you need to curb your wanderlust just a bit. It will also feature posts about what I’m passionate about, such as ways to give back to our communities and ‘life hacks’ to become the best version of ourselves. Everything from relationships to everyday stuff that can get us all down.

I will share with you my life here in Kansas City and how I have learned to translate my habits in Spain to my habits here. KC is now where I go and try new restaraunts, spend time with friends, drink all the coffee (and wine) and hang out with my dog, Walter.

My absolute favorite thing though, is spending time with friends around a table with great food. As they say in Spain, this act is called sobre mesa and that’s the time that differentiates dinner to an experience. Long after the plates have been cleaned, another bottle of wine is opened and hearty conversation is had with the people you love. This is what this blog is all about, taking the time for yourself and the things you enjoy. Making memories and living a wanderful lifestyle.

Overall, you will find ways to live your life on purpose, helping you find ways to slow down and savour every moment. The conversations about culture, relationships, travelling, entertaining and more can be found here too. I hope you enjoy my blog because I sure enjoy writing it.

Make yourself at home, look around the different sections and join me on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter!

Again, Welcome to my little ‘digital neighborhood’!